WHAT an eye-opening moment on Tuesday on BBC Newsnight when the corporation’s programme host, Kirsty Wark, was suddenly caught unaware by the chairman of the Sikh Federation UK, Amrik Singh Gill, during a debate covering the current political spat between Canada and India after the assassination of a Sikh-Canadian citizen, a prominent supporter of a Sikh homeland separated from India.

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Mr Singh Gill suddenly asserted to Ms Wark that the Sikh position for independence was no different from the position of the Scottish people having the sovereign right and determination to separate from the United Kingdom. Kirsty Wark’s response to this comparison – she blanked it! Unbelievable! Under strict orders when it comes to the Scottish constitutional question on the English Beeb, Kirsty? This is another BBC incident, one of many, that proves once again what we are up against in our quest for self-determination, but I must say, “Well done that man in aligning our Scottish cause with your own one on a live BBC broadcast. I salute you!”

Bernie Japs