A GROUP of SNP councillors have formed a band and released a song in support of Scottish independence.

The Singing Councillors, made up of a group from the Highland Council, have come together to release Time For Scotland.

The song was inspired by Alyn Smith’s call to the EU to “leave a light on for Scotland” after Brexit.

The group is made up of Sarah Fanet, Lyndsey Johnston, Liz Kraft, Leslie-Anne Niven and Ann Searles – who is not a councillor but a supporter of Scottish independence.

Speaking to The National, Fanet said: “Last year we started talking about the idea and we decided we wanted to write and record a song for independence.

“I’m a musician myself so I was happy to write it and it was great to have an independence supporter join us for the recording.”

Fanet wanted the song to be one of positivity and hope for the future, adding that it is also one with an international element.

“I came to Scotland as an EU student a few decades ago and one of the other councillors is half-German so we wanted to keep that international theme in the work”, she said.

Fanet continued: “The song is about the future which is why it starts with a child asking us to take them to the world where we belong.

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“The journey to independence is going to be tough, it’ll be hard-work and it’s easy to lose spirit or to be demoralised.

“It’s important that we are focused on have something creative to keep us going.”

Other band members Kraft and Johnston said they thoroughly enjoyed the experience with the latter saying she hoped the song would “inspire hope for the future”.

Kraft meanwhile said she had the “best day ever singing a song full of hope for Scotland”.

Although Fanet initially says this song will be a “one-off”, when pressed if she’d like to write another, the councillor replied: “You never know. I mean I know the others have a singing background in choirs and I don’t know how far they would like to push things.

“But you just never know.”