IN an interview with the BBC yesterday, the Home Secretary stated: “This barge has accommodated people in the past – asylum seekers, oil rig workers – and barges of this kind have been used to accommodate asylum seekers, for example in Scotland.”

This statement was disingenuous in a number of ways. It does not reflect the fact the UK Government has more than doubled the capacity of the barge, nor that many of the occupants will not have a good, or indeed any, grasp of English or have had any emergency response training, all of which add significantly to the risk profile of the accommodation.

It would also be interesting to hear the Home Secretary explain where and when she believes “barges of this kind” have been used to accommodate asylum seekers in Scotland.

The fact that politicians can appear on TV and make unsupported or uninformed statements of this sort without either challenge or follow-up clarification from the broadcaster is nothing short of scandalous.

Cameron Crawford