I VERY much agree with Richard Walthew in Thursday’s National, that we should just ignore Westminster when it interferes in our business. We should follow Neal Ascherson’s advice and act as if we are already an independent nation. Define and follow a programme of actions that the majority of Scots will see as reasonable in our journey to a successful and prosperous state that has the wellbeing of its subjects as its first priority.

For example, we are castigated by Westminster for our drug death figures but they refuse to allow us to take the necessary actions to deal with them. Portugal had a similar problem until it decriminalised the personal possession of drugs in 2005 as part of a health-led policy. This transformed their situation.

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We are told that we can’t do this as it is “reserved”. Let’s just do it anyway. Enact the necessary legislation in our parliament and put it into practice. We would expect the support of Police Scotland in this, as they are answerable to Holyrood, not Westminster.

Westminster might then serve us with a Section 35 order – ignore it. What are they then going to do? Enforce English law using detachments of English police to ensure that Scotland’s drug deaths remain the worst of any country in Europe? This would be an unarguably bad action and be seen as such by the majority.

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A further example of action we should take is regarding Westminster’s obstruction of our use of British embassies in the promotion of Scotland’s interests and trade. Rent offices “across the street” and within these set up our own consulates where we can conduct our international business. Again, what is Westminster to do? Appeal to foreign governments to use their police to shut us down? And if they don’t comply, send in the SAS, Gibraltar-style?

Such actions would be hugely unpopular and would underline both at home and abroad the impossible situation that is being endured by us Scots. For the sake of our sanity, let’s jist dee something!

Ken Gow

I FIND myself at a political crossroads – whether to discard my long-held nationalist convictions or not.

While I have never joined a political party, I have been espousing nationalism since the 1960s. After reading The National over the past couple of years, I am losing faith.

To me, nationalism is a positive position to hold. I am not against anyone, I am for Scotland. This paper is becoming filled with the seeds of hate by linking nationalism to all sorts of beliefs that are irrelevant to that aim.

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The very strong republican bias which is being promoted at every opportunity is an example. Who says that I, as a nationalist, want to see the end of the monarchy? Is that not a discussion for another day? Nationalism and republicanism are not the same thing although it appears to be presented as such in the columns of The National.

Similarly, “wokeism”, a word I hate, seems to be about giving every minority in the land a greater say in its affairs than the majority. Anyone with an axe to grind is welcome to fill this newspaper with their anger and sense of injustice. Even when no offence is intended, the woke mentality will find a reason to be outraged and demand justice!

This is the foundation of a divided society, not one where people are comfortable with themselves and their society. In short, the Scotland that seems to be envisioned by The National and its contributors is not the nationalism I dreamed of. If you want a Scotland that is at war with itself, you will not have my support. To me, the objective must be to create a society at peace with itself and its neighbours. That is the only way to create a happy and fulfilled society.

Please drop the side issues and concentrate on the main aim of becoming an independent nation.

Angus Shaw

DOOGIE Ross, MSP, MP, linesman, needs to be refereed about his contradictory inconsistencies on his opposing “principles”. Pouting, shouting and forever demanding resignations from Holyrood Cabinet ministers, whilst exercising his right to remain silent for English minsters on the same issues surely demands more than a red card for someone who disregards the lines?

He may be cock-a-hoop about Nicola Sturgeon resigning, but remained silent on all the endless resignations of English ministers in the Downing Street revolving door. The three wee Tory parties in Scotland also share his script, in their endless calls for Scottish ministers to “Resign! Resign.”

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Doogie, why don’t you resign from some of your other jobs if you do not understand the rules?

If it is a question of who should or shouldn’t rule Scotland he does not understand, then he should stick to improving his lucrative career as an English MP and take a ministerial position there and a linesman’s joab south of the Border.

He can even break the glass ceiling by supporting Lord Pilkington’s monopoly exemption ruling, and rule bottle banks out of order. Or, would he bottle it when England finally decides to include glass returns to their wonderful record of saving the planet? Only askin’.

Donald Anderson

THE need for Scotland to separate from England and its warmongers has now become paramount, as we will be dragged into their war with Russia and Scotland is the primary target for Russia due to Trident and other nuclear bases.

Medvedev stating that Britain is de facto at war with Russia is proven under international law, including The Hague and Geneva Conventions. According to their additional protocols, Britain can be qualified as being at war. I have a feeling that independence is too late to avoid catastrophe the way things are going.

Colin Beattie
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