IT seems to me that Yes activists are as keen to gain independence as they ever were, but I worry that our SNP government is becoming the epitome of the Scottish Cringe.

Let me explain. Every time Westminster says NO, Holyrood complains with a whimper then rolls over and accepts the insult. Take the latest outrage – the Deposit Return Scheme. While petulant Westminster bars Scotland from including glass in the scheme, basically scuppering it, apparently Wales can go ahead with its plan unaltered by Westminster.

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If Holyrood had any guts, it would just ignore Westminster, go ahead with the full scheme and throw the ball into the Tories’ court. And I suggest the same stance should be taken with the very sensible Highly Protected Marine Areas policy. Let’s start behaving as if we are an independent country now.

If Scotland really did assert itself, the Tories and their right-wing media propagandists would be thrown onto their back foot. You will sense a bit of frustration colouring this letter!

Richard Walthew