ON reading the statement made by Mark Drakeford, FM of Wales, I confess to being baffled. The Labour party (HQ London) has been going to reorganise the UK since I was a wee boy (I am now 76).

They were going to scrap/reorganise the House of Lords, but didn’t manage to waken enough of them to get it through. Tony (USA poodle) Blair came along with “Things can only get better” then didn’t repeal Thatcher’s anti-trade union laws.

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Mark!! It’s NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN, no matter how sincere your words are – unlike your leader Mr Starmer, who will obviously promise anything to anyone if it gets him PM job. No more oil exploration? Don’t hold your breath on that one, or really on any of his promises.

The UK is in its present state because it suits a tiny VERY wealthy minority, and that doesn’t seem likely to change. The last time the Labour party helped the “punters” was with the Attlee government of the 1940s. The Tories and their donors have been fighting tooth and nail to reverse all those gains, and they’ve nearly damn well succeeded.

Barry Stewart