INDEPENDENCE Minister Jamie Hepburn was quoted in Monday’s paper on the way to independence. It’s all a bit vague what he means.

Does the legal, electoral route he talks about mean withdrawal from Westminster to begin negotiations? Or does it mean waiting for English MPs to become bored and then agree to a Section 30 request? Clarity is required.

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I can just imagine those nice English MPs – Rees-Mogg, Gove, Bone etc – doing that. Most regard Scotland as part of Greater England or at best a colony. Assuming goodwill from Westminster stretches the imagination too far!

The credence of the SNP as the party of independence is wearing thin because of action in some spheres and inaction in others. The ignoring of the work done by other independence-supporting groups by the party only adds to this.

Acknowledgement of the work done by others and getting rid of the “it’s ma baw” attitude towards other Yes campaigners is essential to regain credence that independence is still the SNP’s aim.

Drew Reid