I WAS glad to read that Joanna Cherry’s Fringe show has been re-instated by The Stand – we need freedom of speech and freedom to debate controversial decisions.

Joanna’s issue with the Gender Recognition Reform Bill is that she believes it should contain more safeguards. She also advocates citizens’ assemblies to debate such controversial issues.

Do social media echo chambers mean we are losing our abilities for reasoned thought and debate? The attitude is – it’s my way or the highway ... no explanation required.

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The European Enlightenment in the late 1700s was about the importance of reasoned thought over blind superstitions and ignorant bigotry. Much more should

be taught on this and on philosophy, the arts and history in schools.

Enlightened debate and education are crucial to our future. Lazy thought is not an excuse. Freedom of speech is crucial and central to any democracy.

P Keightley