IT can’t only be me that notices the way thisabsolutely catastrophically failing Westminster government works.

Take as an example when they are told it will take, say, £2 billion to properly rectify one of the multiple problems facing these unhappy islands due to decade after decade of complete and utter mismanagement of our economy and abuse of our peoples, due to decisions that defy belief in their utter stupidity.

So knowing full well it will take £2bn to properly rectify an issue, some intellectually challenged, thick-necked, posh-speaking moron announces magnanimously that the Tories are going to invest £150 million into solving the problem, so in effect they are not even applying a sticking plaster to it as they know full well it will do next to no good at all, but by shouting some big fancy-sounding amount of money being invested, they know full well a lot of people will actually fall for this complete and utter failure of governance, by thinking “wow, that’s great” ... no, it’s not!

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I absolutely believe there should be an instant reaction from the Speaker of the house of dancing, drunken chimpanzees they call the “Commons”, who after hearing the announcement then instantly replies that the amount being promised is, for argument’s sake, 4% of what is actually needed, and then asks when the government intends to make the rest available. Alas, with the current Speaker being about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike, that is not going to happen any time soon.

It really is like Groundhog Day when we hear these ridiculous, completely inadequate sums they like to pretend are the Tories arriving like some medieval knights in shining armour to save the day. When in fact they are failing completely.

They have little medieval royal processions and bestow little medieval titles on their lapdogs for yet another complete failure whilst in government, David Frost being the classic as he was awarded a silly wee title by his stupid chum Johnson for agreeing such a disastrous Brexit negotiation for Northern Ireland with the EU, that now due to his complete and utter stupidity has created a situation that is actually threatening the peace in Northern Ireland which has held for the last 25 years!

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This is 2023 and there is absolutely no sign this will ever get better. All the while The Tories and Labour manage to absolutely ruin all our lives.

Lastly, how is it that a hugely hated, heartless, stupid, crooked political party like the Tories can be allowed to have ruined our lives for so long when they have been rejected at the polls time and again and at every single opportunity by our nation, in this beautiful but completely abused country, for not far off 60 years, yes 60 years?

It simply defies belief and should simply not be allowed to continue a moment longer. Indy cannot come a moment too soon.

Iain K

YOUR Saturday front-page picture of The Mall showed it bedecked with ENGLISH Union flags – with the navy blue (from the English Royal Navy before the “Union”) not the azure/sky blue of the Saltire: one of the two oldest flags, by some time, in Europe, the other being the flag of Catalunya.

They were quite droopy-looking flags, almost at half-mast!

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Since Charles has not taken the Oath to the People of Scotland, nor been recognised by the Honours of Scotland, he is not yet King of Scots, although King of England under English Law and (over?) the English Church.

This is similar to Queen Elizabeth being Queen of Scots (despite no Scottish coronation) – see post boxes marked ER for evidence of this – but QEII of England. Note that in Scotland it is the people who figure, not the land possession.

Susan FG Forde