WITH the SNP totally engrossed in the managing of government, and the media focus on the police investigation into SNP finances (pity they do not show the same willing to investigate the UK Government in the same way) the party has lost support . Meanwhile backing for independence has remained relatively stable.

Very telling letters from Alan Crocket and Glenda Burns in Monday’s edition. Both with further warnings of just where the current SNP management, or rather lack of management, have taken us. There is no way out of the Treaty of Union by the SNP in government due to the limited powers of devolution given to us in our “pretendy parliament”. If we can get a sustained 55-60% of us in favour of independence, then we will still have to get UK Government permission to have indyref2. I’m sure the SNP have known this all the time.

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The SNP cannot offer just more of the same policy decisions, can they? They can be doing a lot more to improve the lives of the people now, and if they had been doing more of the following this last nine years instead of their inaction, then they might have got the 60% needed in favour of independence to make it the will of the people. The UK Government would find it very difficult to prevent us then.

Policy decisions like infrastructure upgrades to roads, social housing, and affordable home building, industrial strategy to make Scotland fit for the future. Making preparations for independence like the bank and currency recommendations, a land tax, a publicly owned energy company, a draft constitution, ditching GERS ( a good long letter from Pamela McLeman on April 24). To name a few.

We are not short of good advice from many of The National’s contributors. The SNP have taken the wrong policy decisions, they really could have made better use of the last nine years if they had really tried to make the Scottish people better off, as it’s the only way you are going to have any hope of getting near the 60% we need to further our independence cause.

Michael Maclennan

I NEARLY choked on my morning coffee when I saw the National’s headline on May 8. Stephen Flynn calling on voters to “Lend us your votes to lock out Tories”.

As usual George Kerevan hits the real nail firmly on the head in his article inside (“It was great to feel Yes movement’s raw energy again”) when he says the new First Minister (and, it seems, Mr Flynn) are failing to prioritise economic matters that might have an influence on the next General Election, and that we are “sleepwalking into an electoral defeat, hoping against hope that a hung Westminster parliament will give us political clout.”

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A week is indeed a long time in politics, and things could change in the coming year, but I see nothing on the political horizon which will avoid a loss of SNP seats to Labour. “Vote Labour to kick the Tories out”

will be the simple message which will appeal to enough of the Scottish electorate needed to tip the balance in many seats from SNP to Labour.

Labour need those seats to even get to a balance-of-power situation and will spare no expense and effort to secure them. The most recent predictions show a possible loss of around 16 SNP seats and others possibly being retained by only small majorities.

“Vote for us to help get a Labour government” is not a slogan that the SNP should be even considering.

Dr Iain Evans

FLYNN is only stating the obvious, Starmer will do a deal with any party which has balance of power. Let’s leave the “mind games” to others.

Wilson Dunlop
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