SO Alyn Smith claims that the SNP would force the undoing of Brexit. What world is he living in?

Any attempt to do so would result in the Tories coming to Labour’s aid. The same would apply to any referendum pressure.

It’s high time that the SNP gave up trying to play Westminster games that only display histrionics but have no real effect. Get a majority and get out of Westminster and take it from there. Is independence still the priority, or is it just a claim to pull the punters along at the polls?

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The SNP seems to have morphed into the Referendum Party, with independence taking the role of paradise in an afterlife, like in the sermons of old-time evangelical preachers. Always tomorrow but never today.

Less empty rhetoric, on the stump or in parliament, and more genuine action is required. Righteous indignation has had its day – time to lead and set an example.

Drew Reid

I HAD respect for Alyn Smith.

He is now proposing that we Scots put pressure on Starmer et al to reverse Brexit. He appears unaware that independence for Scotland is the ONLY matter he and his team should be concentrating on, NOW.

Forming plans to influence matters that will not occur for years in that foreign parliament is an abdication of his and the SNP’s collective responsibility to effect change now.

More and more Scots are waking up to the fact that this strategy of theirs is because Holyrood appears to be prevented, by English law, from acting in the best interest of Scotland with regard to the recovery of our governance and self-respect.

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Although it is not necessary, a referendum can be called, it is only Holyrood that may not call it.

When will Holyrood acknowledge the facts as Salvo present them, and debate them? When will they respond to the outstanding work put in on the formulation of a constitution for Scotland?

Sterling work has been going on for years in these areas, and ignored for years too.

Alyn Smith, getting back to the EU in the manner you suggest will be like backing up your overloaded articulated lorry along the curly bit of the A82 alongside Loch Lomond, and will take many years.

Uncouple the rig, leave the bloated load behind, turn around and you’ll find that the way to the EU is unimpeded.

Christopher Bruce

YOU report that Alyn Smith MP has pledged that the SNP will pressure Labour to reverse Brexit as part of the terms for supporting a Labour government in Westminster. Why? England voted for Brexit and the SNP wasted years trying to reverse it. Let’s concentrate on regaining our independence and leave England’s electorate to sort out the rUK however they wish.

Neil Caple

EVEN with the current SNP difficulties, which will be resolved, there is a surge in membership of more than 2700. With “transparency” in mind, that comes to 74,889 members and rising.

To date Scottish Unionist parties have refused to publish membership figures, perhaps due to embarrassment! It is believed that the small Alba independence party has more members that the Scottish Tory party!

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Independence is not on the “back-burner” and indeed it’s inevitable for Scotland to progress and flourish. This will develop Scotland’s massive renewable potential, including offshore wind, hydrogen and low-carbon heat energy sectors, keeping Scotland as a frontrunner in Europe and the world.

Grant Frazer

I REFER to the letter by Gareth Morgan in the Sunday National about SNP policy on the monarchy. As a longstanding member of the SNP I have been increasingly frustrated by the misrepresentation of policy.

The last time it was discussed at the policy-forming national conference was in Rothesay, where an amended motion was passed which stated that a referendum on the monarchy would be held in the first four-year term of an independent Scottish Government. As it has not been debated since, this remains the policy of the SNP, but obviously if members wish to change it then they should take it though their branch or constituency association for submission to this year’s conference or, if they are restarted as per decisions in 2021 and 2022, National Council.

Munro Ross

I UNDERSTAND Joanna Cherry’s right to air her views on the matter of trans rights and given the concerns about safeguarding around the Gender Recognition Reform Bill, that’s fair enough.

However, am I the only one who thinks that had the staff at The Stand refused to work when the person speaking was, say, Nigel Farage or Jim Davidson, Ms Cherry would be the first person to defend their right to refuse to work?

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Indeed, a barmaid who was threatened with the sack for asking not to work when Mr Davidson was performing a gig at the pub where she worked saw Mr Davidson come out publicly and support her.

I sometimes wonder if a lot of people who talk about “free speech” only seem to be referring to (and defending) people who agree with their views. Just a personal thought.

Andrew Haddow
via email

YOUR column on consultations under way at Holyrood was a very good use of space in Tuesday's National. It was informative for readers and highlighting an opportunity for those interested in certain topics to get involved. Please continue with this column on a regular basis to keep readers informed of business under consultation at Holyrood.

Catriona C Clark