THE announcement by David Lammy that Labour will not repeal the Tories’ anti-demonstration laws does not come as a surprise, as it is a continuation of the policy adopted when Labour were returned to government under Tony Blair.

In fact a case could be made that the recent Tory-LibDem and Tory governments have built their even more suppressive legislation on the foundation of Thatcher-era anti-worker and trade union legislation left on statute by the Blair and Brown governments.

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It would be interesting to hear what someone who was a Labour Party activist on May 4 1979 thinks about Labour Party policies now, a few days after the 44th anniversary of the birth of Thatcherism.

What kind of a country will the resurgence of oppressive anti-worker, trade union and human rights policies lead to now that it is backed by both of the dominant parties in Westminster?

The devolved Scottish Government has been working towards the elimination of the remnants of the Thatcher era, and must leave the United Kingdom to continue the process of making Scotland a better place for everybody to live in than the country that is being suppressed under the boot of the Westminster government.

John Jamieson
South Queensferry

WHAT a hero is Stephen Flynn. Other than the Tories, no-one deserves more trashing than the Labour Party. It’s simply risible that anyone would vote for them. They not only support the Union but now declare they won’t repeal the protest-banning anti-democratic outrage that’s been inflicted upon us. There’s no doubt that for the English, Scotland just doesn’t exist. We should thank our lucky stars for the SNP MPs.

Tony Kime

KING Charles III has been an eco-warrior for more than 50 years, so why shouldn’t we have expected more progress on climate change in the UK?

Why isn’t the UK leading the world in green electricity generation? Why are UK citizens, nay subjects, paying over the odds for their power? Was it the auld Queen who held him and his desires for a green world/country back?

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We pay millions every year from the public purse to fund the monarchy, however, KCIII has inherited his mother’s wealth and is exempt from inheritance tax. His business enterprise the Duchy of Cornwall is also exempted from corporation tax.

Some of the stately homes receive grants in order to keep the building fabric up to snuff. Some no doubt will have modifications introduced to reduce the energy consumption.

Grotesque wealth on show.

Let's get independence first, then we can ask our people what they think and want to do in the future.

Alistair Ballantyne
Birkhill, Angus

TOM Johnston (Letters, May 6) states that “the SNP should be protesting at the spending of £100 million on the coronation”, not because it’s a waste of money, but because the money isn’t being wasted in Scotland. Having an unnecessary coronation, or “global event”, when there’s increasing poverty and a climate crisis is apparently a good idea, and what we all really need to bring us together is to have an unelected head of state in perpetuity. Em, isn’t that exactly what the British nationalists in Westminster are saying? I’m not a football fan but I share the Celtic fans’ opinion of the coronation – and where it can be shoved.

Mairead Mackechnie
Isle of Islay

AFTER the glossy and highly paid journalists and celebrity guests in studios commented on the archaic ritual within Westminster Abbey there were brief cutaways to “the people” meant to be enjoying neighbourhood gatherings the length and breadth of the UK (even Shetland!), in care homes and community halls, which taken collectively were rather sad.

Like the die-hards and tourists camped on The Mall they all shared the same rather tacky napkins, paper plates and crowns. It was all a bit cringeworthy, contrasting corporate Britain with the plebs, culminating with members of the royal family out and about in Surrey greeting people. Some of them are dab hands at it but anyone who saw the new Duke of Edinburgh standing three feet from people and waving at them will know how awkward and pathetic such situations can be.

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The real beneficiaries of this class structure were likely watching from the comfort of their clubs or weekend homes safe in the knowledge there is no threat to their position or their place, to quote Bob Dylan. However, it is the words of the Roman satirist Juvenal we should recall: “Already long ago from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions – everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses.”

Marjorie Thompson

ACCORDING to The Guardian, 20 million Brits watched the King’s coronation. However, 29 million watched the Queen’s funeral. Proof positive that we prefer to see them go rather than arrive!

Kenneth Burnett
Dyce, Aberdeen

A WES geyan leised on the Gaelic blaud in the Sabbath Natiounal. A wuid be ein mair blythe ti hae ane owreset alang o’d. A alse howp sum day ti sei Scots scryed on the samen steid. Thusgates we wul aw leir.

I was very pleased about the Gaelic text in the Sunday National. I would be even more happy to have a translation along with it. I also hope some day to see Scots promulgated on the same basis. In that way we will all learn.

Iain WD Forde