I WAS delighted to attend the All Under One Banner march in Glasgow on Saturday – the turnout was fantastic, estimated at around 20,000. As usual the atmosphere was friendly and good-humoured with lots of support from pedestrians and car drivers. Even though drivers were sometimes held up they were honking in support, and lots of people at windows had Saltires and were waving support.

Yesterday I saw a picture of The Mall after the Coronation – discarded tents, rubbish and general mess – as well as a picture of Glasgow Green after the AUOB march – thanks to the personnel of AUOB and marchers it was left in pristine condition.

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I see Murdo Fraser saying the march attendance was 5000 – the green-eyed monster strikes again.

Just sad to see the heavy-handed police in London arresting protestors before they protest. These are not the actions of a free country.

The right to freedom of speech and protest is a right and must be protected. We are now witnessing the Thought Police in action.

Winifred McCartney