DUNDEE city centre is expected to come to a halt as Logan Roy, the city’s most (in)famous son, is brought back for a memorial service celebrating his extraordinary life.

The international tycoon and long time CEO of Waystar Royco, a media empire often compared in size and style to Rupert Murdoch’s, was, inevitably, on his way to tie up another mammoth business deal in Sweden, when he took a heart attack on board his private plane.

Although Logan was intensely proud of his Dundonian roots, it was on the other side of the Atlantic that he made his fortune and built his empire. He ruled the latter with a potent mix of fear inducing rants and loudly proclaimed threats. King Lear crossed with JR, perhaps; certainly a Godfather of all he surveyed.

Despite settling in the US, Logan came back to Dundee in recent years to celebrate his 50 years in business the newly built V&A and open a journalism school, celebrating the city's famous heritage.

The National: Screenshot of Logan Roy's family members outside the V&A, ahead of a celebration of his careerScreenshot of Logan Roy's family members outside the V&A, ahead of a celebration of his career (Image: HBO)

It is expected that Dundee Repertory Theatre will explore the thought of a play based on Roy’s life, rather as they did so successfully with Jim McLean, another local hero.

At the time of Logan’s death Connor, his eldest son, was getting married on a private yacht on the Hudson. But for Logan the priority had always been business, and family, when they mattered at all, came a poor second.

Connor, although the eldest of the pack, was somewhat detached from reality, including his belief that he could be a successful presidential candidate. His new wife, Willa, is, at best, half his age. It runs in the family.

Dad has had three wives and numerous young mistresses, the latest of whom, when he took that fatal heart attack, was aboard the plane. Also with him were some of his long term board members and closest confidantes.

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It fell to Tom, the estranged husband of his only daughter Siobhan (Shiv), to phone the Roy siblings as Logan was given chest compressions to try and save him. They all protested their love, as the phone was held to Logan’s ear. If he heard anything at all, he probably didn’t believe them

Yet if must be said that Kendall, who had cherished hopes of succeeding his father, Roman, and Siobhan were all visibly moved as their father fought for his life on the plane which returned to a private Manhattan airport. All three had fled Connor’s nuptials, and watched in disbelief as a body bag was taken from the plane to a waiting ambulance.

The National: Kendall, Shiv and Roman RoyKendall, Shiv and Roman Roy (Image: PA)

Their grief will probably be short lived as they begin to dicker over who gets what, a process of succession complicated by the fact that Logan, at his 80th birthday party, had made a new will naming third wife Marcia as principal beneficiary.

Roy gave no particular clue as to which of his four children he favoured, although he was notably less abrasive in his dealings with Roman. There is little doubt that the will will face a series of challenges once the family come to terms with the fact that they are now in succession mode for real..

As the minister noted at his funeral service in New York, Logan Roy was a self-made man. He did not add that relieved the Almighty of a worrying responsibility.

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