I SUPPORT the very important contribution of Frances McKie in Saturday’s letters page. For several years now we have witnessed the Great British nuclear policy: to push as many people as possible – in vehicular private and public transport, private homes, commercial premises, and public buildings – to convert to using only electricity as a power source. More than persuasion, it is becoming obligatory in some cases, all in the name of climate change.

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This would not be a problem for an independent Scotland, more than self-sufficient in electricity produced by wind or solar panels and potentially in tidal energy, provided it is properly managed and not treated as a “giveaway” to the energy companies and their shareholders. But it is a problem for the UK, and therefore its constituent nations, whose central government is advocating the increasing use of nuclear energy, and the generation thereof, as if it were “green”.

I am not convinced that all the “green” campaigners know the difference as electricity appears clean at the point of use, even if it is lethal at the point of production. We need a new expression of the 70s organisation which campaigned under the banner “Scottish Campaign to Resist the Atomic Menace” – (SCRAM).

C Walker