THE brilliant front-page headline The National (Experts warn of new era of militarism, Mar 15) sends a vital message to us all. Sirens are ringing.

Sunak’s support for Aukus, the Australian/UK/US defence deal, by planning to build “state of the art” (ie state of the folly) nuclear submarines is more than just the waste of money described by Ross Greer. The rise of dictators on the world stage with the power to trigger a nuclear world war three is the crucial issue facing the stability of our current civilisation.

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When and where will a global leader appear with the intelligence, charisma, and ability to prioritise? Peace, the climate, environmental care, and a sustainable food supply for not just the wealthy, should top his/her agenda. We need a visionary who sees beyond political claptrap and corruption. My hope is that such a person could emerge from an independent Scotland.

Iain R Thomson