PRIME Minister’s Questions is often a very heated time in the House of Commons and Wednesday was no exception. But interestingly it was not just heated, it was informative. The leader of the SNP, Stephen Flynn, informed members and the country that wholesale gas prices had fallen by a whopping 75% since their peak, yet in a matter of weeks the Westminster government are planning rises to household energy costs.

This rise will see the annual energy bill for typical households paying by direct debit rise by £500 to £3000. Unfortunately those on pre-payment meters are not covered by the price cap.

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This 75% drop in wholesale gas prices will net the UK Treasury around £15 billion and the SNP leader, in recognising this windfall, called for the UK Government to extend the Energy Bills Support Scheme.

Unfortunately, the Prime Minister’s reply indicated that the SNP should concentrate on issues that matter to the people of Scotland! Do energy costs not matter to those in Scotland?

Catriona C Clark