NADHIM Zahawi seems to think that the nurses are asking for too much even though it is minute compared to woeful Test & Trace money. But we are not to worry, as the military have been trained up to replace strikers. In the morning Corporal Jones will deliver letters, in the afternoon he will deliver university lectures and in the evening he will deliver babies, all pregnancies to be calibrated to correct time. The pig air force is fuelled up and ready for take-off. Captain Pugwash will stop the English Channel dinghy armada.

M Ross

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OH dear, how sad, we Scots have been given a great choice for our future in this “Union of Equals”, this involuntary, voluntary Union we are blessed to be allowed to be part of.

On the one hand we have the Labour re-tread “How now, Brown vow?” 2022 remix, and on the other the Tories’ “Hobson’s Choice”, take it or leave – it is all you are going to get.

Wow, what a choice, one which really makes you glad to be the last vestige of the English Empire, and gives you such hope for the North British region’s future as part of this magnanimous Parliamentary Union that is the UK.

Peter Thomson