IN the whirlwind that has been the media-manufactured mournfest, some news of notable interest was posted up to do with the armed forces community (ie regulars and their families, reserves and their families and the veterans and their families).

And that is that more and more from that community are engaging with the Yes groups (Yes group sees boost in support from military, Sep 19). This is an outstanding set of results by the teams on the ground and can only be the outcome of the honesty of the debate put across by the groups.

It of course will anger the Unionists such as D Ross MP/MSP, who has spent the last eight years attempting to deny everything and anything positive about an independent Scotland.

It should hearten the Yes movement that a community once thought of as impregnable to our mission has now opened up and they, like everyone else, are fed up and out of patience with a political union that is most definitely not fit for purpose.

So, once again, great work by all of those on the ground making the difference.

With that news, we must wonder just who else within our communities is beginning to understand the writing on the wall that has been lit up in multicoloured LED for the entire planet to see: “Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin.” Now, I do not know of any supreme being passing judgment on the triple-headed parasite beside the Thames, but we Scots new and old have judged and found it rancid, beyond saving.

You know the opposition, the Unionists, are left scrambling and scrapping trying to inflate the Jupiter-sized lies of the old discredited Better Together campaign! The trouble they have, of course, is no-one is listening:

1. The oil has not run out.

2. The EU has gone.

3. The economy has tanked.

4. The pound has almost flatlined.

5. The “stay and lead” has turned into “you stayed, so do as you are told”.

6. Legislation brought forward to remove us from the European Court of Human Rights.

7. Green paper published on curbing the rights of workers.

8. The assault on devolution continues.

9. A government in Westminster that is beyond accountability.

10. The shadowy European Research Group now controls the Cabinet.

That list is not exhaustive, but I think it gets the point across?

Cliff Purvis
Veterans for Scottish Independence 2.0

I WRITE concerning Mark Brown’s article in Sunday’s Seven Days (Sycophantic royalism reflects SNP’s lack of radical principles, Sep 18).

Whether you are a royalist or not, the time to debate or choose is after independence. Nicola was perfectly right in what she said about the Queen. There is no reason not to show respect.

Also the statement that if we get rid of Trident we can’t join Nato is incorrect. Not every member of Nato has nuclear weapons, it’s not a necessity to have them.

Norman Robertson
via email

DID you know that, according to Oxfam, one person dies of hunger in Ethiopia every 48 SECONDS? Since Queen Elizabeth died on the eighth of this month, around 20,000 men, women and children have died in Ethiopia with no mention on the widespread UK national media. That is sad and appalling beyond words.

We have got to get back to the realities of this world. People are in pain. People are dying. They all need help, NOW, not tomorrow, not next week, NOW!

When we gain our independence, I truly hope we do a lot better than this unforgivable nonsense.

George McKnight
West Calder