The National:

TORY cabinet ministers are reportedly furious that their fleet of bulletproof Jaguars are set to be replaced with German Audis – while the rest of the country worries how they’re going to pay the bills this winter.

The prime minister and half a dozen senior ministers have “Grade 7” Metropolitan police protection – which comes with 24-hour bodyguards and the use of a fleet of armoured Jags and Range Rovers.

According to the Sun, the Met’s decision to switch to armoured Audis came after Jaguar paused production due to a fall in orders during the pandemic.

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Yet, an anonymous cabinet minister is apparently “livid” over how it looks to British manufacturers.

The unnamed Tory politician told the tabloid that they blamed “anti-Brexit bureaucrats hiding behind a value-for-money smokescreen” for the decision.

Although you won’t hear them moaning about the impact that Brexit is having on trade across the country, and manufacturers who have been “adversely impacted” by non-tariff barriers put on trade, as an independent report set out at the start of the year.

You know, the Brexit which Johnson and those ministers currently loosely holding the country together campaigned for, voted for and failed to implement properly.

The National: The Sun reports that the Met will replace the existing armoured fleet with Audi A8'sThe Sun reports that the Met will replace the existing armoured fleet with Audi A8's

It's reminiscent of the viral moment where Kim Kardashian sobbed over losing a diamond earring in the sea, only for her sister Kourtney to point out "people are dying".

Could someone point this out to whichever minister decided this was a good idea to comment on?

Not to mention that one armoured Jaguar XJ Sentinel saloon costs an estimated £74,355 while a standard Audi A8 costs at least £73,000.

This is over double the amount of the average salary in the UK – around £31,000 for full-time – and it shows the extent of how out of touch the Tories are with the majority of the population.

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How much the Met is set to drop on a new fleet of protective cars for government ministers isn’t known – as they refused to comment on the Sun’s article.

This is during a cost-of-living crisis where vulnerable families are going to be plunged into poverty and destitution if something isn’t done by the same ministers bemoaning the state of their chauffer-driven fleet.

With prices across the board skyrocketing as high as they are, they’ll be lucky if they manage to afford the fuel costs.

But at least they’ve got their priorities right, it’s not as if they’ve spent the summer dodging coming up with a plan to tackle the cost-of-living crisis, is it?