FORMER BBC news presenter Emily Maitlis has exposed what most in the independence movement already knew – namely that the BBC is being run by the Tories and all its coverage is actively biased in favour of the ruling Tory junta.

Robbie Gibb is the Tory activist on the BBC board who is discouraging any criticism of Brexit or of the disastrous economically illiterate ruinous Tory austerity.

A journalist’s role is to challenge power, relentlessly ask questions and hold politicians’ feet to the fire. Since 2010 the BBC and the right-wing oligarchy-owned press have sought to promote the fiction about Brexit and the “benefits” it brought while ignoring its total failures. The broadcasters and the print press now present infomercials on behalf of Unionism. Liz Truss is presented as a “stateswoman” who will have a miracle cure for the economic problems the Tories created.

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Wealthy security service-vetted BBC “reporters” see it as their job to create fiction around the “benefits” of the Union. They must also rubbish and belittle the idea of independence at every turn. This means repeating every anti-Scottish absurdity no matter how ludicrous.

As for the so-called Labour Party, they are nothing but an adjunct to the Tories. They are in coalition with the Tories in eight councils across Scotland. According to the latest GERS figures, Scottish taxpayers are still paying off £1 billion per year toxic PFI debt. This was “gifted” by Gordon Brown.

Amid all the vacuous banality there is not any discussion of policy. Only doomsday scenarios and patronising rhetoric about the futility of Scottish independence. The £2 trillion UK debt is simply ignored. The UK is a nation that is rotten to the core and in terminal decline.

Its grave has been dug and its break-up inevitable.

Alan Hinnrichs

“IMMORAL” is my reaction to Ofgem’s announcement of the increase in the energy price cap. I am sure millions feel the same.

Ofgem itself, businesses, charities, energy trade bodies and many, many more are calling for the Westminster government – which has responsibility over energy and welfare policy – to intervene before there is a health crisis associated with this very serious and life-threatening situation. We must factor in the current waiting times in our NHS and simply cannot afford to allow the NHS to take the consequences of government inaction in this crisis.

Households are worried sick, screaming from the rooftops for help. So what can be done to sort this immoral maze before lives are put at risk? A justified call has been made for the introduction of a "social tariff" for those with medical conditions, those on benefits and those earning below-average earnings.

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It is a call that needs serious consideration urgently, no hanging about till a new PM is in place. The announcement from Ofgem justifies action right now.

The temporary uplift to Universal Credit payments, which was meanly taken away by the Westminster Exchequer, should be re-introduced and extended to legacy benefits immediately. This is a national catastrophe, on the same scale as the pandemic due to the many elements of our everyday lives, the essentials, now being strangled by increased costs. Food banks are experiencing increased demand for services now and we have not yet entered winter! What is the Westminster government waiting on? Is it being complacent, neglectful or is it immune to suffering?

During the pandemic, the Scottish Government, which has responsibility for housing, introduced an extension to the notice a landlord (social or private) had to give before a tenant could be evicted. This must be re-introduced right now. The UK is among the wealthiest countries in the world.

It is the responsibility of government to act now to help those in need.

Catriona C Clark
Banknock, Falkirk

I’VE just got round to watching a recording I made of Channel 4’s new series My Second Hand Home, broadcast last Sunday. Two young couples compete to see who can make the most successful attempt at furnishing their house using only second-hand furniture and fittings.

In her introduction to the programme the presenter said, and I quote: “So let’s meet the two couples who herald from opposite ends of the UK”. One was from south Wales and the other from “the opposite end of the UK”, Northumberland!

I don’t for a second think the presenter, or Channel 4, was deliberately slighting Scotland but it is a perfect illustration of the mindset of most residents south of the Border. The schooling and further education of English children is 99% about England so how can anyone so educated possibly get around to understanding anything about the rest of the so-called United Kingdom?

Iain McClafferty
via email

LIKE your correspondent, Cher Bonfis (Letters, Aug 27), I struggled to concoct an epithet for Liz Truss only to realise a perfectly apposite Scots word already exists. It’s eejit.

Ian Richmond
via email