WE have reached the unfortunate position in modern Britain where the majority electorate have demonstrated, by their choice of both policy and political representation, that they are no longer reachable by reason, facts, or even plain common sense.

This constituency vote by prejudice, emotion, and against their own interests because they continually vote against, rather than for, something. They know they are being lied to but choose to believe it, they know that they have brought ruin on themselves but refuse to admit it.

Brexit is the classic example of national policy founded on prejudice and a hatred of foreigners, devoid of reason, denying facts and evidence, common sense and rationality, all of which perish in the face of ideological madness.

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As a result, the effects of Brexit – the poverty, the trashing of the economy, inflation, the cost-of-living crisis etc – must happen, and must be allowed to run their course, because until they suffer the consequences of their own decisions, before they experience genuine hardship and serious economic and social decline, the majority electorate will never admit they were wrong.

They will have to suffer at an individual and family level and it is just a tragedy that the rest of us will have to suffer along with them. But it has to be that way, there is no other – only bitter experience will force them to embrace reality. That is when we will gain a majority for an independent Scotland, and when the majority English electorate will finally accept the utter stupidity of Brexit and putting their trust in pathological liars and criminals.

Politics in America and the UK has descended into madness, and we are witnessing a ruling elite emerging in both nations that are frankly in diverse stages of insanity. I am convinced by watching Ms Truss closely that she is, in my dear mother’s phraseology, “no the fuul shullin”. There is definitely an intellectual deficit there. But the most telling aspect of it is the adoration they get from their supporters, who are enthusiastically embracing authoritarianism and the Fuhrer principle.

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The Republican Party in the US is now full-throated fascist and the Tories are going down that same route, with the majority electorate in the UK applauding, and voting for, demonstrable liars and lawbreakers who openly and confidently scorn democracy and our democratic institutions. The Tories have quite clearly signalled that they have no intention of governing in the interests of anyone other than their own kind, those Thatcher identified as “one of us”, yet despite all of that the majority still vote for them and for their policy approach. As a result, the only option left is to let them suffer the consequences. It is the only way they will return to the real world.

We must have no sympathy for those who voted for this, and continue to vote for it in the face of all evidence. They voted for Brexit, Boris, Rees-Mogg etc. They knew what they were doing and even now are voting to lose their fundamental rights. If Sunak wins, this letter will be enough to send me to jail.

Scottish Unionists voted for this in preference to independence. How can you sympathise with such insanity? The Bible admonishes us not to rejoice when our enemy stumbles, but I’m afraid I fall far short. I will rejoice in schadenfreude.

Peter Kerr

I THINK I’ve fallen asleep and been spirited away, to a country where the government is openly discussing opening “re-education” centres for anyone bold enough to speak against the government (will the state encourage people to snitch on their neighbours or family members?), the deportation of migrants, the destruction of trade unions and making strikes illegal, the taking away of our hard-won human rights. A government that denies the democratic rights of its citizens, the subjugation of a nation, and state control of the media. This can’t be happening in an open, democratic country?

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Meanwhile, back in Britain we have politicians running all over the country trying to out-Thatcher each other. Where are the people calling for this to be put to the country, as they have been calling for an independence referendum to be put to a vote by the whole of the UK? If we are to be subjected to hours of drivel and can’t at the end of it have a say at the ballot box, what’s the point? Something of this significance can’t be left to 0.02% of the electorate. How can you say you have a mandate to govern if only 0.02% have a say? This should nullify the General Election result. Surely it should be mandatory that in these circumstances it should be put to the whole of the electorate in a General Election?

The “best” the Tories have to offer looks like more of the same. Is there no-one in the Tory party with honesty, integrity and vision? Is this really the best they can come up with? People who wouldn’t know truth if it bit them, people of no ethics and no vision.

Don’t these people remember that as far as Scotland is concerned, Thatcher never found success in winning hearts and minds? Will this be addressed by the successful candidate? In my humble opinion, if they came in for a job interview I wouldn’t employ them.

Paul Gilchrist

SO now we know that Boris spent his delayed honeymoon in Slovenia – a really beautiful little European country with lovely scenery and lovely people. I know because I have visited it many times, beginning when it was still part of Yugoslavia.

However, it was a “delayed” honeymoon and the question has to to be asked – could it not have been delayed for another couple of weeks until we had a new full-time Prime Minister? Or would that have meant Boris would no longer have been able to enjoy the special European travel privileges denied to the rest of us?

Ian Lawson