WHO could be surprised that the Westminster Tory government is considering besmirching the historical independent status of the judiciary by introducing changes designed to limit the accountability of government Ministers (Dominic Raab ‘considering measures to curb judges’ powers’, Aug 8)?

The rule of law has to be sacrosanct in any democracy, but we all realise that “gold standard” has already been ditched by many actions of this UK Tory government, not least by denying the democratic right of Scots to decide whether they should remain in the UK union, which we all know full well is based on bad faith and disdain for us by the Westminster establishment that’s been usurped by the irrational Brexit decision that returned an effective electoral dictatorship founded on British (English) “nationalism”.

Disdain for forthcoming money-laundering regulations in the EU – then let’s leave the EU. Private wealth of the rich placed before the needs of the country, the effects of which we are now living with at great cost.

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Johnson couldn’t bend parliament to his will, so he sought to close it down, even lying to the Queen in the process.

The Tories don’t like the decent, humane and sensible decisions from the European Court of Human Rights, so let’s try to discard the European Convention on Human Rights which Britain was a founding signatory to, and replace the Human Rights Act with a watered-down Bill of Rights to give more power and control to the wealthy “elite” the Tory party serves.

Those measures not being enough, Raab and his henchmen have decided that while they want to govern by their diktat they don’t want to be held accountable when it’s realised how bad their ministerial incompetence, lying and failure has been and those they’ve shafted are baying for their political blood (there should be personal accountability too).

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One of the key elements in the fascists’ rise to power in Germany between the wars was how the Nazis emasculated the justiciary, bent it to the will of its disgraceful doctrine and steered it to serve fascism rather than their duty of independent arbiter between the law and the common people.

The standards the Tories adhere to have slipped so far, it is clearly visible to all that they have placed themselves in the hands of the band of brigands that funds them and they are determined to fulfill their remit to the utmost, while emasculating the judges passing judgement on those who would hold them to account for their misdeeds. The sad thing is that the other Unionist Westminster parties, in their eagerness to out-Tory the Tories trying to get elected, play the same game, with the same hands.

Raab’s proposals go well beyond the normal Tory sleaze. This isn’t just cash for questions, sexual impropriety and misdemeanours by sick MPs or partying while everyone else is obeying their draconian diktat of isolation. Rather, we’ve moved into areas of disgusting policies like kidnapping asylum seekers and sending them to a foreign country they have no connection with to satisfy the Tory herd who were persuaded through irrational fear of European labour that they were the source of their “problems” rather than the now 12 years of incompetent, self-serving Tory-donor-controlled years of plain bad Tory government.

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It’s about the scandal of using taxpayers’ money to subsidise the profits of companies through in-work benefits to replace the money those greedy companies should be paying their workers. The illusory scandal of giving our tax money back to us to subsidise energy-producing companies that are ripping us off in a market this Tory government has completely lost control of. And the scandal of doling out contracts to their pals and losing billions of our cash, a debt that will take much longer for our children to repay than the 60 years it took to pay for WW2.

There’s a whole mess of urgent accountability out there. The Tory sleazeballs in office are responsible and culpable, but they don’t want to be held accountable.

Whose law is it anyway? Hands off the judiciary, Raab. And let ministers get the punishment they deserve for the misdeeds we know they’ve committed.

Jim Taylor