THANKFULLY, Saturday’s AUOB anti-nuclear rally in Faslane this Saturday is totally linked to Scottish independence. English nimbys, who do not give a fig about nuking Scotland, or about their nukes being placed 20-odd miles from the centre of Scotland’s most populated area, certainly do not want their nuclear menace on the Thames, Portsmouth or anywhere else in England’s hallowed waters.

They could not have cared less about Scotland being used as a guinea pig for the poll tax. Revolting Tory backwoodsmen were up in arms at the thought of a pitchfork rebellion in their own constituents and quickly changed their minds when it came to a nuclear horror show in their ain constituencies. The late Canon Kenyan Wright eventually realised that the only way to rid Britain of the horror of nuclear weapons was to support independence for that reason.

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It was Brian Quail, veteran Scottish Republican peace protestor and octogenarian trouble maker, who kept getting arrested at Faslane for demanding peace, who persuaded the English Canon Kenyon Wright that supporting Labour anti-nukers in opposition led to getting Labour English Brit Nats in power supporting nuclear weapons and Tory policies. Even, “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” had to resign from his position as vice-chair of the CND to implement Labour’s nuclear policies. Tony Benn built more nuclear power stations, such as the deep water Scottish Cowes in Hunterston and Torness, than the official Tories ever did.

Corbyn’s mild reformist aspirations went nowhere near as far as the Scottish Government’s actual achievements in office. Corbyn the abstainer did nothing to mobilise his vast young support and wimpishly dealt with the DUP rather than the SNP. He could not even explain, in his many public interviews, the difference between anti-Zionism and opposition to the Israeli state oppressing Palestinians and plain anti-Jewishness, which led to his downfall.

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Jackie Baillie marched against nukes and is now British nationalism’s top nucleararist. What the hell was Jim Sillars playing at by donating £2k to this right-wing English public schoolgirl, who receives enough money from the local English nuclear employees and voters? Sarwar and Sir Keith can be proud of her.

I can state quite categorically that the penniless Scottish Republican Socialist Movement has not received a penny from Jim’s or Gorgeous George’s Saudi Arabian bankers. I have just put my PC in for repair at a Palestinian guy’s shoap in Anniesland and he described Brit Nat millionaire Galloway as a “p***k”. His Inglische is better than mine, although I know that Arabic word, thanks to my national service in Aqaba.

Of course, we all sympathise with the Jews under Nazi Germany and with general anti-Jewishness throughout European history. King Edward the Murderer borrowed ten times the national income to conquer Wales and build castles in Wales etc. He “welched” on the deal and scapegoated Jews for everything from climate change to missing babies. He even burnt 400 Jews seeking sanctuary in a York church. He made them first wear yellow patches before deporting them to France, not Rwanda. His ship’s captains thought it a hoot to pretend to let his “cargo” ashore on sandbanks for exercise and leave them to drown in the tide.

Even the Welsh Unionist Labour party recognises Scotland’s right to a rigarendum, whilst preferring to remain in England’s castles in the sinking sand.

See youse all at the Faslane on Saturday, if you don’t see me furst.

Donald Anderson