IN one of his final acts of vandalism, Tory Caligula, imbecile, fraud and clown Boris Johnson has steamrolled his post-Brexit trade deal with Australia through parliament without any debate or scrutiny. Johnson promised that any deal would be debated in parliament. This was another lie.

Farmers in the UK are going to be stiffed big time by the Tories. Many will be forced out of business. Food standards and animal welfare are lower in Australia. This is yet another sector of the economy that is going to be sacrificed because of Tory Brexit. A House of Commons committee found the deal would lower the price of a bottle of Australian wine by a few pence.

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Thanks to the disaster of Brexit, millions of tonnes of fruit have been left to rot. All because the Tories have stopped EU workers from coming to do the work. This again was done to appease their incredibly stupid, culturally backward, provincial, racist, fanatical base. The Brexit prism is seen through the lens of empire nostalgia. The Tories have convinced these hayseeds that the British empire is about to be re-established.

Another direct consequence of the Tory Brexit are the two-day-long queues for lorries and holidaymakers trying to get to France. This scenario was set out in the UK Government’s Project Yellowhammer papers in 2019. The Tories knew Brexit would cause these delays yet did nothing, lied and then attempted to blame the EU. Other scenarios set out by Yellowhammer include food and medical shortages as well as civil unrest.

The Tory Brexit disaster is not over. The worst is yet to come. The government’s own Office for Budget Responsibility says it will do twice the damage to the economy that Covid-19 did. The EU has launched four court actions against the Tory government for breaches of the Northern Ireland Protocol. This was part of the “oven-ready deal” the Tories signed with the EU. This could lead to a trade war, making matters much worse.

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The intellectually limited Liz Truss is likely to take over as Tory leader. She will be beholden to the ERG, the group of fanatical proto-fascist Brexiters who infest the Tory party. Labour have said there will be no reversal of Brexit. This means that the only way for Scotland to escape the madness created by Tory Brexit is through independence.

Alan Hinnrichs

THE Tory party membership hankers after the 70s life, but with the housing bubble wealth of today, and yet is rabidly pro-Brexit and pro-transportation to Rwanda.

Bear in mind that surveys after Brexit showed the main potential indirect benefits were a blue passport and a return to capital punishment. We should not be surprised that ships are now being proposed for detaining refugees, as criminals, ahead of their transportation elsewhere.

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Whilst Brexit is essentially a 20th-century approach desired by those reminiscing over a Global Britain, it is apparently still not enough and the prison hulks of the 19th century are now being sought, presumably located in the Truss-proposed “full-fat” freeports.

Clearly there need to be warnings added to the signage at the rUK/Scotland Border, relatively simple yet pointed, such as “Welcome to 21st-century Scotland” together with the Gaelic equivalent, and for simplicity, “Welcome to 19th-century rUK”. Alternatively, “You are now entering the 21st century”, and “You are now entering the 19th century”.

There would be a huge row over this, but indyref2 would be greatly clarified, in terms of what century Yes2 or No2 gives Scotland. As for the freeport prison hulks, signage would simply refer to HMPS (add freeport name as required).

Stephen Tingle
Greater Glasgow