THE SNP and Greens have launched the move towards a second independence referendum, hopefully next year. Their launch paper makes much of the need for Scotland to escape the failing UK and to “take the lifeboat” of independence. I wish to continue with these metaphors.

Imagine the Titanic, a grand, luxurious and seemingly impregnable vessel. When the ship hit the iceberg, the officers knew the reality that the ship was sinking but made no general announcement to avoid causing panic. It was impossible to hide the effects of a gash more than 100 ft long, so passengers were soon spooked and on deck. Lifeboats were launched, for first-class passengers only as their weren’t enough to go round. Armed officers ensured this privilege but the early lifeboats were launched only half full, as many of this class could not believe the danger or lose their comforts. We know the terrible tragedy which ensued.

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Was Brexit the UK’s iceberg? Ministers and advisers are aware of the damage caused but are in denial. How many of our population are comfortable and so refuse to accept the reality of our coming demise? They are reluctant to trade their apparently safe and comfortable situation for a lifeboat which may be crowded, open to the elements and facing choppy waters.

The independence movement must do two things to achieve a Yes vote. Firstly, convince more people that the captain and crew are corrupt and incompetent and are steering the ship onto the rocks. Secondly, and possibly more importantly, convince more people that this lifeboat can take us to a better safe and prosperous place. It will do that by spelling out policies which will allow people to recognise that such a new place can be fundamentally different and better than the present. These strategies are both required but would, I believe, lead to a Yes vote.

Campbell Anderson

I WOULD like to offer a few comments on the hypocrisy of the Tories, as amply demonstrated in an article on page seven of Monday’s paper (Tory minister in Brexit rallying cry after court blocks Rwanda flight).

The Tory minister in question, Suella Braverman, says: “It’s time to complete Brexit and let the British people decide who can and cannot stay in our country.” She says that the British people voted to take back control of our laws.

Let’s look at this carefully. Scotland did not vote for Brexit. We voted against it. England voted for Brexit and they dragged us out of the EU entirely against our will. In fact, it was the English who voted to take back control of their laws. However, in so doing they have also taken back control over Scotland’s laws – certainly on immigration and, despite the Treaty of Union stating that Scottish law would remain separate, we are now obliged to accept English governance over our immigration laws.

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They say they are rightly baffled why their immigration controls can still be blocked by European judges. Well, I’m baffled about why, if they are so upset by another country interfering with their immigration controls, they are unwilling to allow our country to have control over its immigration controls and will insist that it is their right to lay down the law in that respect.

Is it not extremely hypocritical of them to insist that no other country can lay down the law to them, while being quite prepared to lay down the law to us? We didn’t vote for Brexit and our First Minister has expressed most definitely Scotland’s desire to help refugees without restrictions. Since our laws are protected by the Treaty of Union, we should be allowed to apply those laws to our policy regarding refugees?

Seems to me this is yet another reason why we need independence from Westminster – like, yesterday if possible.

Charlie Kerr

THE three things you need to know before the vote for independence. An independent Scotland will set all taxes, collect all taxes, and spend all taxes for the benefit of the people of Scotland.

Bill Purves

WITH the news that the St Mirren first team squad has returned to training this week, I would like to wish them well in their first season in this year’s UEFA Champions League.

I am aware that my home town team only finished ninth in the Premier League last season and that this would not normally allow them to qualify for the Champions League, but I’m using the same logic of serial election losers in the Tories, Labour and Lib Dem parties – who in failing to win a Scottish Parliament election since 2003, still think that they can ignore the election results and dictate the policies of the Scottish Government!

If it’s good enough for the BritNat parties to ignore election results and feel they should still decide which policies the public voted for should be ignored, then I feel confident that the SFA and Uefa will see my point of view and we can see St Mirren make a bid for Champions League success!

Cllr Kenny MacLaren