TO say that the Tories are utterly indifferent to the suffering their economic terrorism has caused would be a massive understatement. Boris Johnson hears of a pensioner who is so broke she has to travel on a bus at night because she can’t afford to heat her home. His response was to take credit for introducing 24-hour bus passes when he was Mayor of London. Then he was challenged as to why he would not bring in a windfall tax on the obscene profits of the Tory-donating fat cat energy companies. As always Johnson’s reply was a lie.

Johnson said taxing the energy robber barons would discourage “investment” which would in the long run bring energy prices down. This is complete nonsense. When asked what investments would be cut back if a windfall tax was imposed, the chief executive of BP said “none”. Boris Johnson is such a shameless bare-faced liar he is not even challenged by media interviewers.

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Next up on this nauseating propaganda-fest was the Environment Secretary George Eustace. Another Tory millionaire. He told people to buy supermarkets’ own brand products as they are cheaper. Truly the spirit of Marie Antoinette is alive in today’s Tory party.

Johnson is a cretinous imbecile. He has done more than any other leader to whip up war in Ukraine. Playing out some psycho-sexual fantasy about being Churchill, he has sent over £300 milllion of equipment to take the world closer to World War Three.

All this while people in this country are starving and freezing because of the venal Tory ideology of selfishness and greed.

Alan Hinnrichs

COULD Mr Eustice advise where we can find cheap deals on “cake”?

“Vive la...”

Norman Easton
via email

WELL, it has been a couple of days since the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland gave that interview to GMB and basically lied and mumbled his way uncaringly through a series of questions.

However, that is the Conservative and Unionist Party for you – they do not care about a pensioner reduced to eating one meal a day and forced to ride the bus to keep warm. They only care about themselves and others of their rancid circle.

The Labour party are no better, and all we need do is look how much money they spent denying equal pay in Glasgow and on Blair’s illegal war.

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The LibDems jumped into bed with the Tory party and their man in Scotland lied about the so-called “Frenchgate” incident.

So no, there are no differences between the parties of Westminster and their branch offices here in Scotland.

Time to send them packing, time to end this Union once and for all.

Cliff Purvis
Veterans for Scottish Independence 2.0

MANY will remember the constant reprimand to sound your “t”s. (I do.)

But in Scots, we don’t always sound our “t”s. And there are plenty of examples of languages (including English) where letters are silent. In French almost every word has a silent last letter!

This silent “t” linguistic norm persists. When I’m giving my last name for people to write down, if I say “Potter” and sound the “t”s, a lot of folk write down Porter. If I say Potter with the little Scottish glottal stop instead of the “t”s (Po’er), people write down Potter.

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It might be bad English, but it’s not bad Scots. Silent “t”s and silent “g”s in “ing” endings and sounding “gh” the same as the “ch” in loch (it’s still lough in Ireland) is just a part of being Scots.

I’ve no problem with English, but I’ve also no problem with Scots. I’m more naturally an English speaker with “sprinkled Scots” because that’s the way I was brought up: you’ll not get the good jobs unless you speak proper English! etc.

There is definitely an argument for having English as a second language, but speaking Scots should be as natural as speaking Dutch, French, Swedish etc (Scots already shares a pile of words with the our Scandinavian and Nordic neighbours.)

Just imagine that joyous day when the teacher shouts out, “Po’er, stop soundin’ yer ‘t’s, yer naw in English class noo!”

Alistair Potter

CLEARLY the Queen does not want Scotland to be independent and she has the constitutional power to declare a state of emergency to stop it. There is no way that England will allow Scotland to get rid of Trident and other nuclear sites – British generals have made that perfectly clear.

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They could have got the Queen to declare a state of emergency against Harold Wilson and they considered it against Jeremy Corbyn, so it is very likely that they would take similar action against a Scottish government.

Colin Beattie
via email