I MUST say I never thought the BBC would stoop so low as to broadcast a report to try and damage the Scottish Government days before the Scottish council elections, but they have done exactly that and in my opinion “crossed a red line” on a played-out old story regarding the unfinished construction of the island ferries.

Why on earth would BBC Newsnight even attempt to cover such an old story??? It has been deliberately repeated for weeks and weeks in Scotland!!! And it is nothing more than an extreme act of political skulduggery carried out under instruction from some partial BBC “high heid yin” with an affiliation to the Brit government, ie Johnson and his shameless cabal!!

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I despair watching this once reputable institution lowering itself to such a partial political stance with intent to damage an identified target, namely the Scot government and our esteemed FM, in such a manner!!! What an absolute outrage and surely good reason for the Electoral Commission to take formal action if their officials had any true conviction to do so.

Bernie Japs