AS the clock and the calendar slowly tick towards late 2023, the date of the promised referendum, I was interested to read in The National of March 26 of the launch of the Alba Party’s Wee Alba Book. Its predecessor the Wee Blue Book was a real asset during the 2014 referendum. I still have a couple of copies on my bookshelf.

Not being a member of Alba, I have not yet read the Wee Alba Book and cannot comment on its contents. Given the impressive list of it contributors I will certainly be trying to obtain a copy. Even if I find myself disagreeing with any or possibly all of its contents, at least it is an attempt to move the political debate forward.

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Where, I ask myself, is the SNP’s wee yellow and black book? Nearly eight years on since fear overcame hope, the party of Scottish Government seems to have made little effort to push the case for independence. As the weeks fly past, I look in hope that a sustained effort will get under way, but nothing substantial appears to be happening. As a result the Yes v No opinion polls have not moved forward very much since 2014.

I am not a great enthusiast of AUOB marches but in desperation I attended the recent Paisley march in the hope of finding inspiration. I was disappointed to see only a turnout of around 2000. The local SNP MSP was among the speakers, choosing to mention the local football team almost as much as the fight for freedom. I spotted one other SNP MSP and one MP (his wife) in the “crowd”.

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I understand the party president will address the march and rally this weekend in Arbroath. While this is a small step in the right direction, it hardly qualifies as setting the political heather on fire. When can we expect to see the leader of the SNP, the First Minister of Scotland, lead a march and use the rally to launch the indyref2 campaign? I understand there will be one on May 14 in her home city of Glasgow. By then the local election campaign will be over, leaving a clear, election-free, path to a referendum in late 2023.

As the old saying goes, “time waits for no man”. Late 2023 is really not so far away. As every day passes with no real attempt to start the referendum campaign, winning is becoming harder and harder day by day as the time for campaigning get shorter and shorter.

There will come a point in the not too distant future when the campaign will simply lack the time needed to be successful.

Iain Wilson

I HAVE reached the point of no return. This is an open letter to Nicola. If there is no date for indyref2 before the council elections I will not be voting for the SNP ever again. I hope this is crystal clear! I will cut my card up and be a non-voter for the rest of my days.


HAVING often expressed my criticism of The National for morphing into a mere mouthpiece of the SNP, I commend the editor for publishing Frank Wood’s excoriating critique of the party of government.

Well said Frank, well done The National. In a vain attempt to get SNP rank-and-file members and elected representatives, who were once intelligent and articulate people, to wake up to the demands for action by Yessers everywhere, it’s worth repeating my favourite bit: “(if) the SNP leadership are hiding from their membership then it can only mean that they do not want to be subjected to meaningful scrutiny by their own rank and file. This is a dangerous state of affairs in a democracy, if a parliament has become impotent in their [sic] ability to hold the executive to account whilst at the same time the politburo of the governing party has been dissolved from a lay-led membership organisation into effectively season tickets holders that can cheer on the successes but have no influence in the running of their club.”


Iain Bruce

BORIS Johnson’s photos in The National on Friday reminded of the snivelling, boot-licking statements by Rees-Mogg regarding the merits of a lying, cheating buffoon of a man. l thought his remarks were way over the top even for him, However, having had a little time to wonder about his ulterior motive, as I cannot believe he actually thinks Boris is “marvellous” (who would?), could it be that he has an eye to the future and sees himself in “panto red” with a dead furry animal round his neck? Where he could demonstrate his wit and charm to those hundreds of others who live in the past and get well paid in the present? “Suits you Sir.”

James Ahern
East Kilbride

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HOW on earth can Priti Patel possibly decide to deport Julian Assange to the USA, to what would be a death or inhumane sentence? The disgraceful way he has been treated by the Westminster government and the hostility of the Tories, Labour and LibDems and legal systems is politically motivated to suppress the truth about war crimes hidden by Britain and USA. This is overwhelmingly political and he will never have a fair trial anywhere. It’s time to pardon Julian Assange and let him go free. He has suffered enough.

Glen Peters

LOOKING at YouTube on Friday, I ended up watching an American show called Jimmy Kimmel Live. I watched a piece on the latest talks on Ukraine. Jimmy carried on in his usual genial fashion, poking fun at the world leaders.

He then turned on Boris, who stood alone and dishevelled, and referred to him as the ENGLISH Prime Minister.

IF ONLY, Jimmy.

Bob Harper