DESPITE the furore over MPs having two jobs, I am beginning to reconsider my view on the matter. True ... MPs should be spending their working hours representing and championing the wellbeing of their constituents. But if the second job is unpaid and benefits others, maybe we shouldn’t be so critical.

A good example of this would be our own fine Prime Minister. I know he consistently lets the side down with regards his main job, and many (me included) have called for his head because of the numerous shenanigans at Number 10 and his poor performance leading the country through those difficult times. But maybe in Scotland we should also recognise the invaluable contribution he has made with regard his second and unpaid job. This is why I’m reconsidering my position with regards to calling for his resignation! The second job is his forte.

He’s been undoubtedly the best “Recruiting Sergeant” for the independence movement we’ve had in recent years. For the future of Scotland, maybe we should let bygones be bygones and allow him to survive for a wee bit longer!!

Robin MacLean

Fort Augustus