THE key to Boris Johnson’s future lies [no pun intended] with Conservative backbenchers. How much controversy can the Conservative Party take under Johnson’s premiership? How many Conservative MPs are willing to continue the embarrassment of defending and explaining away Johnson’s gaffes? Most critical of all, what is the mood of the British public after Johnson’s half-apology in parliament?

If Conservative MPs continue to face angry constituents at their surgeries, then Johnson’s days are numbered whatever the determination of civil servant Sue Gray’s investigation. For he will be seen as a liability by the Conservative Party and will be deemed so toxic that he will have an adverse effect on Conservative electoral fortunes.

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When Conservative party opinion comes to the conclusion that a prime minister or leader is no longer effective, especially in the eyes of the public, then the party is ruthless.They got rid of Theresa May and even “The Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher when it was decided that they were no longer useful and electoral were electoral poison.

Sandy Gordon

I AM sure the vast majority of those reading these pages will have a similar view to me regarding what’s going on in Westminster. This is not about Boris Johnson but about the UK Government and how it personifies and protects the British establishment. Suddenly MSPs and MPs are catching up with the rest of us to express their disgust for the UK PM. Boris their once lauded and adored leader, the clownish man of the people, the election winner. At last they’ve grown a conscience for the dreadful things they’ve done. Brexit, Universal Credit, dismantling human rights, National Insurance hikes, enriching their pals during a pandemic and general Union Jackery. Not a chance.

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The fact is, Boris is no longer useful to them as a mask for their collective shallowness, hollowness and self-interest and now threatens their jobs. The outcome of this charade will be more of the same as Westminster’s revolving door changes from blue to red. Right in front of us we have the best and simplest argument against “devo-max”. Government we don’t vote for based in another country, an elite and corrupt establishment who worship nuclear missiles, start illegal wars and spend our taxes on vanity products while scoffing at our country’s culture and traditions. All ably assisted by a sympathetic and supportive media as well acquainted with the truth as Boris himself.

Noirin Blackie

NO matter how abject the apology, the simple fact is that Boris Johnson must face criminal charges for repeatedly breaching Covid rules. To now claim that it wasn’t a party but a work event highlights how completely out of touch he is with the public when he thinks its appropriate for people to be emailed “Bring Your Own Booze” to a work event!

Maybe that explains why the Tories think they can get away with their corruption – they’re too steaming to realise how this looks to the public! What other workplaces would be contacting employees to bring their own booze for a “work” event? How many other people have been sacked for drinking on the job? Yet here we have a crooked Prime Minister and his cabal boozing away while supposedly defending the country from Covid! No wonder more than 150,000 people died – the Tories were too pissed to realise what was happening!

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Yet again, the Met sit by waiting for instructions from the accused as to how to proceed. The UK has fallen to the status of a banana republic with crooks stealing from the state whenever they feel like it. There is little chance Boris and co will end up in court – there is now no excuse to stay part of this corrupt Union. Let’s get out on the streets and campaign for independence now.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren

WEEL, it’s no a guid adverstisment fur the expensive English private education system.

Ma Maw an Paw made me dae wi the Scottish state system. An at the end o it Ah could tell the difference between margarine an butter. And Ah kent when Ah went intae the gairden an saw aw the gagies wi beer an wine that this wisnae a work event, this wis a pairty! Bring it oan!

Yon Boris! He should get oot a bit mair. Ye bring yer laptop tae a work event. Ye bring a cairy oot tae a pairty.

James Balloch
via email

WELL, whilst listening to Boris’s so-called apology on Politics Live on Tuesday, it must be reassuring for all employees to understand that they can now nip outside for a wee dram in any garden areas adjoining their offices, and that this will be completely accepted as normal behaviour for hard workers. What a relief...

Rosemarie Hogg

OH dear. Between Boris and his continuing faux pas and Prince Andrew facing a civil court case, England (the UK, that is) has become the laughing stock around the world. The “window of opportunity” or “open goal” what ever you want to call it couldn’t be more evident now for Scotland. We must campaign in earnest and offer a bright future for us all north of the Border. We must have our freedom from this mess. We cannot be associated with the UK any longer. Come on Nicola – fire the gun!

Keith Taylor
via email

BORIS, you should bite the bullet, take your medicine and fall on your sword. Do it now, why wait? It’s quite apparent that “a spoonful of Sue Gray” is unlikely to “help the medicine go down.”

Bill Drew