I LISTENED to Jacob Rees-Mogg on BBC Newsnight with the expected defence of his wounded leader, PM Johnson, and astoundingly putting down the Scot Tory leader, Douglas Ross, as being nothing more than a “lightweight figure” while praising the Secretary of State for Scotland, Alister Jack, who stupidly chose to back the PM regardless – spot the sycophant with no moral compass whatsoever; nothing new there!!

WATCH: Nicola Sturgeon's brilliant response to Tory 'disdain' for Douglas Ross

The grim-faced Rees-Mogg was also deriding the 31 Scot Tory MSPs who apparently back Ross’s stance in condemning Johnson and opining that the PM’s resignation is his only option out of this mess. I must say, “What a poor advert for the Union when one observes such a public squabble between supposed like-minded Unionist Tories”!!! Time to take sides, eh!! I reckon many senior Scot Tory officials and associates will be seething re these latest critical remarks from Rees-Mogg. Further repercussions to follow? One can only wait and see how this latest spat plays out, but all good from a Scotindy perspective – long may it continue!!

Bernie Japs