IT would be interesting to know in the Cllr Awards what criteria were used when selecting the Leader of the Year and the Community Champion of the Year (Aitken named Scotland’ council leader of the year, Nov 26).

Presumably making it necessary for local communities to have to fight to get their local libraries and other facilities reopened isn’t considered an attribute for either post. Nor leading a council with a planning committee which allows land owners to be enriched by giving planning permission to construct high-rise multi-storey properties, much higher than anything in the surrounding areas, and ignoring the effects on adjacent communities.

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This has creating a priority that will make it more difficult for future planning committees to refuse more such inappropriate multi-storey developments. Glasgow will be in danger of losing its unique identity and become just another collection of mass multi-storey-blocks. It will gradually lose its human scale including our current easy view of the sky from our streets. When we are made to feel insignificant, the “People make Glasgow” logo will no longer be suitable. Maybe “Greedy people make Glasgow” or “Glasgow makes people insignificant” will be more appropriate.

Jim Stamper