CONGRATULATIONS to Stewart Ward on A) the one million papers to be distributed and B) his clear answer to John Milligan (Letters, Nov 17). I am no longer a member of the SNP or for that matter any political party. My credo is INDEPENDENCE and as long as it is legal I don’t much care how we get there.

Since leaving a political party – in frustration they were not moving fast enough – I have put all my energies into delivering whatever publication promotes independence. The Believe in Scotland one went through every door in Muchals, Newtonhill, Portlethon, Cove and Chapleton – a delivery of 5500 copies. This achieved by a handful of volunteers who didn’t even ask each other which affiliation they were. The same will happen with this eight-page paper.

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What concerns me most is the disparate groups who bicker and moan about what the other lot are doing/saying. It smacks of “yer nae playin’ wi ma ba.” If we are to gain independence all pro-indy groups political or apolitical should be working together, instead of the childish sniping that has reared its very ugly head. The outright vitriol between groups supposedly heading for the same goal.

For goodness’ sake – and the sake of our independence – let’s get our acts together before we lose the next vote through sniping and bickering – not a good look to undecided voters. There will be time and space for political parties to become the opposition when independence is achieved. Until then can we all please work together for the common goal – freedom from Westminster.

Frieda Burns