ANAS Sarwar and Willie Rennie can meet all they want to discuss how their respective political parties want to offer an alternative to independence. However, they should remember that their parties came third (British Labour in Scotland) and fifth (LibDems) respectively in the recent Scottish Parliamentary election – so they are in no place to hold back the growing desire for Scottish Independence.

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The SNP and Scottish Greens took 55% of the seats in the Scottish Parliament and the wishes of the people who voted for them have to be taken seriously by all. Support for independence at the last election was greater than any of the other options offered, so while the ever-diminishing number of Labour and LibDem members holding meetings in ever smaller venues discussing issues which have been ruled out by an increasing number of voters may be of limited interest to some people, let’s not waste time listening to those who have nothing positive to offer Scotland.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren