I AM disgusted at how low the Scottish Tories are prepared to grovel to try to persuade loyal Labour, LibDems and other voters to forego their support, their belief in their own parties and instead vote for the Tories, who have no positive vision for Scotland. They are running a totally negative campaign, centred only on their desire for votes from other parties. There is no positive message for the people of Scotland.

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Do these Scottish Tories – directed, of course, by Boris Johnson and his party down south – assume longstanding loyal voters from other parties will readily kowtow to their desperate pleas? Do they still believe that Scots can be “bought and sold for English gold”? If Tories cannot win without pleading for turncoats, that certainly tells a sorry story.

I suggest that on May 6 this “rough wooing” will not succeed, and the people of Scotland will vote to decide their own future.

J Mckenzie
Bridge of Earn, Perthshire