YOUR report that Scotland’s National Clinical Director Professor Jason Leitch has called Gordon Brown’s political think tank’s findings on Covid testing false – as they confused incidence with prevalence in their methodology, which implied that Northern Ireland had a detection rate higher than 100% – raises serious questions about this secretive grouping (Brown Scots virus test claim is ‘false’, January 13).

Our Scottish Future was set up by Brown to oppose Scottish self-government, but all its recent press releases are designed to undermine confidence in Scotland’s much better Covid performance, which has resulted in half the number of cases per hundred thousand of population compared to any other part of the UK, and fewer deaths.

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Is the think tank’s Covid research overseen or conducted by the ubiquitous long-retired Hugh Pennington, who is also a member of the anti-self-government Scotland in Union organisation? We just don’t know, as the secretive Our Scottish Future doesn’t publish who is part of the group other than Companies House revealing that Professor Jim Gallagher, who is also a member of the Scotland in Union advisory board, owns 75% of the share capital.

Fraser Grant