OVER the festive period I noticed that “turkey” of an establishment, the House of Lords, was well and truly stuffed again. 16 more portions were squeezed into its already creaking orifice!

We now have 830+ unelected lawmakers influencing the laws of the land with no chance of being deselected and with no accountability to us. In 2019-2020 an average of 579 peers claimed an average of £37,000 tax-free and expenses. And they can do so until they die!

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Some of the Lords do work earnestly and the chamber can influence Westminster or at least slow down unpopular legislation. But despite calls for reformation for decades, even from within the chamber itself, Boris has sneaked in yet another 16 peers, one a major party donor, thus ensuring it continues not to be an independent revising chamber but a corrupt one.

We don’t have to put up with this nonsense and yet we do. Surely enough is enough! We need to end this taxpayer-funded members’ club. Roll on the May elections!

Robin MacLean
Fort Augustus