THE LibDems in Scotland are en route to be sunk without trace. Layla Moran, a candidate for the LibDem leadership in England and the UK, has said: “At 6% in the polls, we are in a sink or swim situation.”

She is keen to impress that she has been listening to people and communities. She highlighted a number of places she has visited: “I have been listening. I travelled to talk to voters in Leeds, Sheffield, Wales, Devon and Cornwall.”

WATCH: Layla Moran MP claims LibDem survival may be at stake

One will have observed that Scotland has been excluded!

Willie Rennie will surely not have noticed. The LibDems at Holyrood are being noted for being unnoticed. Even one of their leadership contenders has not even taken note or travelled to meet them.

It must be hard not only being unseen but ignored completely, not even getting a mention from Layla Moran. No longer even lobby fodder at Westminster.

It seems that subconsciously Layla Moran in anticipating Scotland leaving the Union.

John Edgar