THE BBC programme Taking Control: The Dominic Cummings Story exposed how lies and nebulous projections for the future repeated and repeated on the airwaves and in cyber-space can influence the course of politics.

As Boris Johnson stands in front of his two English flags pretending everything is going to plan, everyone’s experience is that it is not.

Ten years of right-wing “austerity” policy, underfunding of public services including the NHS, has robbed these services of their resilience to deal with emergencies.

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Whilst the promises of massive investment now is welcome, the huge sums on the table will take months to make any noticeable impact, which is why the government is so keen to push back the peak of the epidemic in an attempt to mitigate the underfunding during 10 years of Tory government.

Exacerbating the tragedy of the austerity policy is the uncertainty of the UK’s relationship with Europe. The Prime Minister, his Cabinet and advisers seem immune to the signals from the market that the government’s macho stance against negotiating a comprehensive free trade deal with the EU is not impressing investors and is damaging an economy already weakened by Brexit.

Mike Underwood

THEY say every cloud has a silver lining. If what I’m hearing is right, the government is going to step in and find billions to pay businesses to pay their staff.

Could this unprecedented measure mean that, to avoid UK bankruptcy and a recession, the government may review their decision to renew and maintain Trident? The cost of which is anticipated to be in excess of £250 billion! Only time will tell! Or is this just a case of wishful thinking?

Robin MacLean
Fort Augustus

IT’S been reported that a lorry load of toilet rolls has been delivered to 10 Downing Street. Hardly adequate!

Joe Cowan