REBECCA Long-Bailey has been endorsed by Unite and has been praised for her “brains and brilliance”. As the brains-and-brilliance behind Labour’s last catastrophic defeat in its heartlands in December, it is a foregone conclusion that her winning brilliance is only confined to in-house Labourites.

Labour is truly doomed if Long-Bailley is elected leader. It is reminiscent of the time Labour opted for Michael Foot instead of Denis Healy. The party will turn inwards. It will hardly reach out with her aspirational socialism schtick.

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No doubt Labour in Scotland will realise that its hopes for a Labour revival dahn sath will now be shattered. How much more do they have to thole from their hapless compadres south of the Tweed? With one MP only and a disastrous showing in Scotland, Labour really need to do indy2 for themselves and relocate politically to Scotland. This Union is getting them “down” in more ways than one!

It is really time to smell the haggis and ditch the pud! No matter who wins the Labour poisoned chalice, they are truly down and out!

John Edgar