I SHARE the view of many readers that Westminster will do everything within its power to deny Scotland independence no matter how foul. They know the cost of losing us, and so the deceit, false promises and lies we witnessed in 2014 will be multiplied many times at indyref2.

Mr Johnson and his acolytes know that their infantile repetition of “once in a generation” is unsustainable, so if we don’t escape the Union before the 2021 Holyrood election and the result is a majority for independence-supporting parties, the Tories will declare “Ah, but it must be a majority for the SNP only”.

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It is not only Westminster we must be beware of but Washington also. When an independent government in Edinburgh orders the nuclear subs at Faslane be removed, the US president of whatever stripe will warn of dire consequences for Scotland. He will order disinvestment and the closure of US-owned companies, and sanctions against Scotland and anyone who trades with us. Just as Trump is now doing with Iran; unfortunately it works, so Scotland must be prepared, strong and brave – the prize is too precious for faint hearts.

Richard Walthew