HENRY Malcolm makes an interesting point concerning Douglas Ross’s views about that old stogie “once in a generation” (Letters, January 19). Another thought occurred to me whilst reading his letter – namely that while the Westminster parliament possesses not one piece of written evidence of a British or even an English constitution, the Westminster parliament can and does change rules and laws willy nilly as and when it suits the parliamentary prerogative.

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Indeed, it appears that Scotland and its parliament seems to be similarly indisposed, at least until such time as it achieves independence. So, whereas our current and previous First Ministers uttered nonchalantly that the 2014 referendum was mibby a “once in a lifetime” opportunity, so can our First Minister seek a second referendum, without fear or favour, because circumstances are sooo different to that which prompted her predecessor to hold the 2014 referendum.

Mebby someone should tell Duggy Ross that what is good enough for his unconstitutional parliament is good enough for oors unconstitutional parliament. Where there are no rules, none can be broken.

Alan Magnus-Bennett