THE duplicity of the Westminster establishment is confirmed. The General Election has been managed not principally to choose a government for the “whole of the UK”, but at the outset to settle the outcome of Brexit, and soon thereafter to attack the determined and growing support of Scots for our country’s independence from an unwanted, valueless and thoroughly discredited London-centric system.

In fact as far as Scotland is concerned, where the Tories have had no support for 60 years, where Labour policies are (even if identified) unacceptable and where the leader of the Liberal Democrats, using her seat for purely personal aggrandisement, has admitted appalling failings as a junior minister while her party was in cahoots with the Tories in 2010, our main objective is unchanged, and is to elect sufficient numbers of MPs to establish the overwhelming desire for independence, because quite simply that is what we want, and will ultimately have.

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Since December 12 was designated there has been a visible coordinated programme by Westminster to attack our independence goal. Messrs Neil, Marr and Robinson in particular were orchestrated to try to undermine the Scottish National Party leaders on TV and to denigrate, in every way possible, Scotland’s government.

In this Westminster has been aided and abetted disgracefully by repetitive grotesquely stage-managed criticisms by the Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrat spokesmen at Holyrood.

It really is time to call a spade a spade. December 12 is being used by Westminster to fight the first round of the fight for the independence of our country, and, having heard it all before, we are being fed a new diet of promises of good times ahead if only we accede to Unionist domination. We are told in the latter’s media outlets that the Scottish people are losing faith in the Scottish National Party, recognisable as pathetic rubbish by any unbiased commentator. That the “whole of the UK” has infinitely more reason to lose faith in the Westminster system and in particular in the Tory party is an unvarnished, irrefutable fact.

The time is again ripe for Scotland to expose its lack of confidence in the Westminster establishment. How can it be otherwise when the Prime Minister states categorically that he will not negotiate with the Scottish National Party, and he means of course on any subject. After all, he did say we have “no role” in the Brexit saga!

Our SNP are only of course the third-largest party of Parliament, representing 5.5 million people who also by definition have “no role”. Unless we Scots achieve our independence the future is staring us in the face. Only Messrs Carlaw, Rennie and Leonard would welcome that scenario.

The bottom line, the real truth, is that a vote for any Unionist party means, for Scotland, “no role” for the generations to come, for that and only that is what is on offer.

Let us ensure that we wake up on December 13 to the result those generations will thank us for.

J Hamilton

IF the Union is such a boon to Scotland, surely the Tories should be arguing for a referendum on Scottish independence every month of the year, just to rub the noses of the SNP/Greens in every victory for the “No” camp? The fact that not only do the Tories not want a referendum any time soon, but not for roughly four decades, speaks volumes. From the point of view of the Tories, if you suspect you won’t like the answer, then it pays not to ask the question.

Robert Knight