IT would appear the main-stream media are intent on getting Jeane Freeman out. It used to be trial by jury, now it’s trial by media. A year or so ago, it was Shona Robison and NHS Tayside. Now it’s a different health board and Jeanne Freeman. And it can be no coincidence that Jeanne Freeman is intent on building a Scottish welfare system with dignity and respect at its heart.

This doesn’t only affect the politicians they choose to attack. There are many of us who have worked for the NHS, whether it was before or after devolution. I know it was and isn’t perfect but I wonder how we would have felt to be under such attack without any means of defending ourselves? To hear, day in, day out, this constant barrage of NHS FAIL, NHS BAD, to have no control over what is being said.

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Personally, I want to do something about it but for the life of me can’t see what. There’s a lot of us with much to thank NHS Scotland for – surely there has to be something we can do? Even if it’s just giving Jeanne Freeman our support and letting her know that we’re with her.

It would appear that anything goes these days as far as the mainstream media is concerned, whether it be air-brushing our FM out of the political debate or a wee fiddle here and there with a news clip. Maybe it’s time to shout louder.

Morag Forsyth