I WATCHED the debate on Friday night, against my better judgment, however I was pleased I did. Nicola Sturgeon performed extremely well, the other three were as expected.

Move forward to Saturday morning, and on Sky News they discussed the previous night’s events. Nicola Sturgeon was not mentioned once! So I went out to check the newspapers. 90% of the commentary was about the other three candidates.

This all goes to prove that if it doesn’t involve England it is irrelevant to the news media. We must regain our independence now before Scotland becomes irrelevent.

Walter Barrie
via thenational.scot

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I WATCHED the Question Time debate on Friday between the four main leaders and Nicola Sturgeon was the best speaker by far. Boris Johnson in particular adopted his usual bluster and every five minutes was referring to “getting Brexit delivered for the people”.

Nicola is a star and may she continue to shine for a long time. Her love of Scotland and all its people is palpable.

Susan Rowberry