JUST when I came across a quote from Jo Swinson that I happened to have scribbled down some time ago, she makes it relevant today.

It was, anent a second independence referendum, “I have not said ‘never’ in any future scenario where things are different.”

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Since 2014, our guaranteed membership of the EU is about to be scrapped against our wishes. The permanence of the Holyrood parliament has not yet been enshrined in law. The Sewell Convention has not been changed from being “normally” observed to enshrined in law. Thirteen frigates have not yet been built on the Clyde. The £1bn promised for a pilot of carbon capture at Peterhead has been long withdrawn, the subsequent competition for it cancelled. Not ALL powers recommended by the Smith Commission have been handed over to Scotland, and some existing ones are being taken away. Etc etc.

Thank goodness nothing has changed since 2014!

P Davidson