SO £20,000,000,000 for free internet if Labour win the election (not a great chance of that). Free really means paid for by the taxpayer. So not really all that free. Some folk saying it would actually cost £80,000,000,000.

It seems my provider suspended all UK investment yesterday morning as a result. Seems this is a bigger investment than Labour are promising for the health service, and will mean that millionaires and billionaires will get “free” internet access.

Don’t worry if your weans are hungry – they can play on the internet. Might be better to nationalise a supermarket chain and sell cut-price food.

Brian Lawson

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WHY did Jeremy Corbyn make an off-the-cuff promise without even consulting BT? Were his researchers unable to work out that BT were making billions off their broadband or the capital outlay required, let alone the cost of buying back a share of the company?

John Jamieson