I SHARE 100% Pete Wishart’s concerns that the Greens risk splitting the indy vote in Perth, and in Scotland (Sunday National, November 3).

In 2017 the Greens stood in only three seats in Scotland. I understand that this time, so far, the Greens are standing in possibly 20 seats, this may increase, and only one of them is Tory-held. Two are Labour held.

So in most of of these seats, the Greens would be going up against an SNP incumbent.

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In more than 45 years involved in active politics, including 25 years as a councillor and one year as a council leader, I have never seen a Green party supporter actually knock a door. Their pathetic “campaign” usually consists of sticking posters on lampposts well after dark. However, their minimal campaigns could lead to the loss of SNP seats to the party of Boris worshippers. How will that help the Yes movement?

The Greens have as much chance of winning a Scottish seat at Westminster as I have of winning the jackpot on the National Lottery – and I don’t buy lottery tickets! Unlike the Scottish Parliament election, where they use the dubious tactic of “give us your second vote” to gain a few list seats, at this Westminster election each and every Green vote will utterly fail to elect a Scottish Green MP. As usual, they will be looking at a lot less than 10% of the vote.

They seem more interested in punishing the SNP and thereby damaging the wider independence movement. The Greens would prefer Scotland’s oil remains in the ground while Scotland’s children shiver and starve.

It is almost 100 years since the foundation of the modern independence movement. The goal is in sight, but the leadership of the Green party, for their own very selfish aims, are trying to deflect the ball. If they continue to fail to see the bigger picture it might well be a real generation until indyref2.

Brian Lawson

IT is quite likely that should the SNP lose the Perth and North Perthshire seat to the Tories, it will be with a margin that is smaller than the vote for the Scottish Greens candidate.

However, there is bound to be a lot of tactical voting by the anti-SNP elements in the three London-based Unionist parties. Should the SNP lose the seat it would be impossible to say whether or not the the result would have been different if the Greens had not had a candidate.

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Is the Scottish Greens spokesman saying that the party is adopting the same blackmailing tactics as Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party? Apparently if the SNP does not fall in line with Scottish Green policies, including abandoning Scotland’s oil reserves, then it will hit the SNP where it hurts by putting up candidates in a few selected marginal constituencies.

In the longer term it could discourage potential supporters, as the Scottish Greens have once again shown their inability to compromise, even when their actions could clearly set back the independence cause in Scotland.

John Jamieson
South Queensferry

I AM incandescent with rage at Greens right now.

Look, everyone has right to stand for election, to campaign for their vision. But this isn’t just any ordinary election – no, this is the most important election I can remember. This election will decide whether democracy will continue in Scotland. This election will decide not only the powers our parliament retains, but whether we retain a parliament at all. Because make no mistake, it will be dismantled brick by brick if the Tories win big and the SNP don’t.

Every vote the Greens get in Perth, or Stirling, or any other constituency, is one more vote for the Unionists, and why Harvie or Greer can’t see this I just don’t know. Or perhaps they do but just don’t care.

Simply put, they are placing their own egos over Scotland’s future. They are dismissing the bigger picture for their own myopic vanity.

You don’t have to love the SNP, at this election you don’t even need to like the SNP, so if necessary hold your nose and vote SNP.

See the bottom line, folks. The Greens aren’t going to win a single seat in the Westminster first-past-the-post system, they’re just acting as spoilers. Heavens, if the FM can’t get into national debates, you really think they’re going to make a dent into the national consciousness?

We need unity of purpose – for just this one election. So I call on the Greens, please, withdraw your candidates and campaign for the biggest block of pro-independence MPs this nation has ever sent to that place on the Thames.

Normal service to resume on Friday December 13.

Kris Murray Browne
via email

IT’S a total disgrace the Greens are trying to give Westminster seats to the Tories. There’s absolutely zero chance of any Green candidates getting elected as MPs. None. So in this election, a vote for the Greens is a vote for the Tories, Labour or LibDems. They should stand down, if they have any interest at all in independence for Scotland.

Peter Piper
via thenational.scot