TOM Tugendhat, a Tory MP from Kent, was waxing lyrical on BBC Politics Live yesterday morning about the wonderful “alliance of science, poetry etc that has grown up over a thousand years” between Scotland and England. He is missing out quite a chunk of history!

Scotland has been a separate nation state since about 843, about a hundred years before England became a unified state, and has been an independent country until the Union of the parliaments in 1707. It developed separately until then and without much “alliance” with England.

Tom Tugendhat should not be allowed to get away with such generalised nonsense on the BBC.

Susan Grant

AT 12.35pm yesterday the newsreader on the BBC News Channel, after briefly reporting on the latest Brexit developments in Scotland’s highest court, said: “Now let’s get back to the realpolitik in Westminster.” Freudian slip or otherwise, she pronounced it “real politic”!

Douglas Hunter
Ancrum, Roxburghshire